The Mime is located at 1840 Glendale Blvd in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA, planted right on the corner of Glendale & Clifford St.  Parking in the area is very minimal so we suggest you keep that in mind when attending events.

We do allow smoking and drinking at our events.

We have a gated front patio area and would prefer people stand out there to get air as opposed to on the street.  We have a bathroom so there is no need to wander around or hang out in the alley behind the building.  Please help us keep the space as lowkey as possible.  We aim to keep a good relationship with both our neighbors and law enforcement.

It should go without saying but while we are far from politically correct, please no homophobic, racist, sexist or generally offensive behavior at our events.  Respect the space, including the diverse group of people who come here.  If you are interested in booking an event for something with a questionable name/reputation, please include a little background behind that.  We won't judge any books by their covers.



We have a simple but loud PA setup: two 1x15" powered speakers, a simple mixer and two microphones with stands.  We will have monitors shortly.  If you require reverb for vocals we suggest you bring an effects processor or pedal with adapters.

There is also a 1975 Slingerland drum set available for use, but please contact us in advance if you are going to need it.  You will need to bring your own stands, cymbals, snare, stool and kick pedal.  We are not keeping this stuff from you we simply do not have any of those items.

The room is quite loud so it's advised you don't crank your amps to ten.  If you do, people will more than likely go outside until you're done playing.